• Site topographic surveying
  • Peak flow assessment for design floods
  • Hydraulic and geomorphic analysis and design
  • LWD integration in step pool sequence
  • Regulatory agency permitting support
  • Engineering plans and specifications preparation
  • Field construction supervision and post-construction maintenance and monitoring


Clearwater Hydrology (CH) prepared a restoration plan for integrated removal of two barriers to fish passage on a coastal steelhead stream in San Mateo County, a tributary to Arroyo Leon and Pilarcitos Creek. CH conducted geomorphic and hydrologic/hydraulic analyses to document existing channel conditions and assessed stable channel design characteristics for the creek reach. CH engineering design included removal of an instream concrete dam and a severe grade drop (9 ft.) produced by scour below an historic bridge, and reconstruction of a stable channel grade and cross-section through more than 1,000 ft. of channel upstream and downstream of the barriers.

CH assisted with permit acquisition and complex interagency coordination, and provided on-site engineering supervision of project construction with joint venture partner, Watershed Science, during the summers of 1997-98. The upstream dam removal and channel restoration also accommodated the construction of an instream infiltration gallery, which supplied water to a rehabilitated water storage and distribution system serving State Parks staff residences. As of the summer of 2002, the cascade remained stable and riparian and wetland vegetation had become well-established, including a nearly closed overhead canopy.


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Stream Restoration Project by Clearwater Hydrology

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Channel Restoration Services Northern California

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DATE: Summer 1998
LOCATION: Murray Burleigh State Park, San Mateo Co., CA
CLIENT: Pilarcitos Trust Fund, administered by CA. Dept. of Fish and Game and the SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board; and the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District
Goals: Eliminate fish passage barriers (2); construct stable step-pool channel transitions; maintain historic bridge structure at downstream site; rehabilitate water system for State Parks staff residences.

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