• Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling
  • Water balance studies for wetlands and vernal pools
  • Low-impact development (LID) measure assessment


Clearwater Hydrology (CH) analyzed the potential hydrologic impacts of development on existing wetlands and vernal pools on the Matsuoka Property, and the opportunities for creation of mitigation wetland areas. Several important hydrologic impacts from the proposed development were identified and quantified. These impacts included changes in both watershed boundaries and depth to the impermeable hard pan layer underlying the site; as well as potential increases in impervious (paved) surface areas, and summertime nuisance flows from landscape irrigation. The effect of these hydrologic impacts on the existing vernal pools at the site was analyzed using an integrated wetlands water balance and shallow groundwater flow model. Additionally, a combination of LID measures and Best Managements Practices (BMPs) were identified for moderating the flashiness of rainfall runoff during storms, for minimizing hillslope erosion, and for conserving water usage at the property after development.

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Stream Restoration Project by Clearwater Hydrology

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Hydrologic Study Northern California

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DATE: Summer/Fall 2006
LOCATION: Matsuoka Property, Sacramento County, CA
CLIENT: H.T. Harvey & Associates
GOALS: Analyze impact of residential development on site hydrology and vernal pool wetlands; and assess potential wetland mitigation measures

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