• Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling
  • Watershed analysis and storm drain hydraulic analysis


Clearwater Hydrology (CH) analyzed the potential flooding in the Strawberry Creek system in Berkeley, CA. under various hypothetical rain storm events. For each event, flood runoff amounts and timing were calculated for each source watershed area. Flood runoff was then routed along the Strawberry Creek system, which is composed of both open channel and creek culvert segments. The EPA SWMM model was used to model flow in the creek culverts, while the USACE HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS models were employed to analyze both watershed runoff characteristics and flow in open channels.


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Stream Restoration Project by Clearwater Hydrology

2003-2007 Clearwater Hydrology
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Flood Assessment Services Bay Area CA

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DATE: Spring 2007
LOCATION: Berkeley, CA
CLIENT: City of Berkeley
GOALS: Estimate floodflow behavior along the Strawberry Creek system and gage the extent of event flow volumes contributed by major landholders in the watershed

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